As members of the Latin American community of Manitoba, we have great reason to be proud of this association and the benefits we continue to receive through our affiliation with   the Latin American Community Association of Manitoba (LACAM). Consider the countless times your status as an immigrant to this great country has earned you special recognition, landed you that initial job interview, or connected you to a new friend or colleague. Many of us are still learning all the benefits that being an immigrant has to offer while some of us have tapped into the many resources and opportunities available. We would like to put forward three strong reasons to get involved in various opportunities that LACAM has to offer.

Community Building

LACAM aims to nurture a sense of community. You should be proud of your community and everyone should feel welcome and included. By holding a variety of events ranging from smaller initiatives such as workshops on various subjects to larger scale events such as a wine and cheese or potluck to create opportunities for community members to meet, interact and build their personal and professional networks. We encourage all of you to come out to our community building events, whaether it’s joining a committee or coming to a workshop. The people you will meet and the fun you will have will be truly be worth your venture.


Though our workshops you can be informed about life in Canada. Important know how for your career or business, how to access services for employment or to start your own business. Information geared for immigrants that affects you or y our business and your professional experience. We also publish a newsletter,  and hope you will consider commenting and contributing to our efforts. We look forward to providing you with opportunities to inform and involve you.

Career or Business

Getting involved gives you great opportunities to network and try out difference aspects of business. Participating in educational workshops, networking and being part of committees will gain you unique experiences that will enrich you both personally and professionally. Through networking you will have the chance to meet new people and grow your career and business opportunities.

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