Latin American Restaurants In Montreal

The town of Montreal is known to provide some of the highest quality restaurants in Canada in addition to in all of North America. There are lots of men and women who love particular Latin American recipes. If it comes to taste some authentic Latin American cuisines, there are no other location apart from the town of restaurants- Montreal. Montreal brings you a number of its all time favorites.

If you’re searching for the very best Latin American restaurants in Montreal, then you’re at the perfect location. The report discusses a number of the most famous Latin American restaurants serving popular cuisines to visitors and guests all over the world.

With a large selection of restaurants in industry for many decades, it frequently gets hard to decide on the most suitable one in the specified lot. Here’s the 5 finest Latin American restaurants in Montreal that excel in serving a number of tasty, mouthwatering and authentic cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.

Coco Coqueto

The Coco Coqueto is a nice Colombian restaurant that provides you with a fantastic romantic setting and a trendy ambience to possess an range of beautiful meals. Situated on the favorite corner of Montreal- St. Laurent, just north of this Mont.. Royal, Coco Coqueto restaurant brings you delicious meals that is nicely matched by refreshing tropical juices and shakes. Few of these comprises- Lulo, Mango, Maracuya and Guanabana.


Restaurant Fandango gives you new regional Mexican cuisine that can transport you to every corner of the nation, in style. This Montreal restaurant offers warm and intimate atmosphere along with an energetic menu on table. Restaurant Fandango is available for special dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. Prior bookings are greatly advised.


This modern Latin American restaurant serves a more comfy and contemporary dining setting. Raza is a stylish Laurier Avenue restaurant that offers contemporary Latin American cuisines. This Montreal restaurant includes innovative culinary demonstrations, daily tasting menu along with an impressive collection of wines to select from.

Restaurant Madre

Restaurant Madre gives you contemporary taste and hot aesthetics to welcome the guests. This restaurant stands as a hallmark of excellence that provides you dinner, lunch and a selection of brunch offerings around the weekend. You make dinner choices in the fixed menu listing and an assortment of a-la-carte options for your brunch.

Café El Ranchito

The Café El Ranchito is a Mexican and Latin eatery located at the city of Montreal, Canada. This little restaurant is a favourite place among local tourists and people who like to taste the real Latin American cuisines. Patrons will come here and enjoy the trendy caffeinated beverages and real food on the patio.

Niche Latin American restaurants in Montreal concentrate on creating real food and provides unique methods of serving them. To keep up with the need for the Montreal restaurant goers in addition to the varied dining requirements, leading Montreal Latin American restaurants have accommodated themselves to fulfill the shifting needs of the consumers and patrons. All of which targets bringing you a wonderful flavor to recall for an whole lifetime!